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"To"-column in copies-to-self folder

  •  11-27-2009, 17:49

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    "To"-column in copies-to-self folder

    One thing which I would like to suggest to be introduced in Pmail is the option to have a column in the folders displaying the "To"-field of a message, for the following reasons:

     (1) If you work with IMAP-folders, you cannot use the remote "sent mail" (or whatever it is called) folder, because in Pmail the addressee is not displayed in the folder.

     (2) If you use POP3 in Pmail using a Gmail account and you write an email over the web interface, sent messages will be automatically downloaded in Pmail later on. By respective filtering rules, those messages can automatically be moved to the copy-to-self folder; but again, the addressee's name is not shown.

     (3) Some people prefer sending emails in copy to their own address instead of using the copy-to-self function which is an useful measure to have the attachements stored together with the mail copies. However, also in such case only the own name is displayed in the folder.

     AS everybody can see, such small modification would have a great effect in terms of usability.

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