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Set message colour ignored

  •  01-19-2010, 3:41

    Set message colour ignored

    I'm setting up pegasus 4.51 for our 2 user office and find that my new mail filtering rule on open is not working as expected.  The system messages window confirms my belief that the colour of the message is set "1 message coloured bright cyan" and the following rule executes as confirmed by the system message "1 message moved to 'PaulW Inbox'" and the fact that the message gets moved there.  Unfortunately the moved message does not have its colour set.  The folder 'PaulW Inbox' is a regular folder with global attributes in a public folder tree on a shared network drive (peer networking on another XP machine). It is only 2 levels down the tree and one of 188 folders in the tree.

    To make the picture even more strange, if I preview the destination folder at the time the message arrives (via regular polling, not via the 'check your pop3..." button because this will change the previewed folder) then I am able to scroll through the folder and see the new message appear WITH the associated colour.  If, however, I preview another folder and return to target folder, the colour is gone.

    What can be wrong here and how do I work around it?  The general idea is that mail arriving in the New Mail folder (which is always private, so to speak) is categorised and placed into public folders accessible by the 2 concurrent users.

    Paul Wolstenholme
    Lower Hutt, New Zealand
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