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Win Vista 64 Home Premium & PMAIL 4.52 - cannot make new folders

  •  01-22-2010, 19:17

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    Win Vista 64 Home Premium & PMAIL 4.52 - cannot make new folders

    Angry OK, posted about this before and never got an answer, so now have set folder and file ownership to "Everyone" and installed Pegasus Mail 4.52 - still no joy. I can rename folders, I CAN'T move folders, and I can't MAKE folders. I have NOT tried to delete them since I couldn't replace the ones I have. I have tried to make and use public directories, nothing happens there.  I moved a million sub-directories from my mail store just to clean things up (seem to be related to RSS I guess) Each time I try again. What is happening is that I click "Add" and no window but I can't click anywhere else. I can press ESC and the program returns to normal. Rename works, moving doesn't, public folders do not seem to work (afraid to move a fold to there - and of course can't make one there)

     HELP HELP HELP  I'm a long time Pegasus user and used to be contributor in the beta forums (before my health got bad Sad ) but please, I can't have my beloved PMAIL like this. Below is the information from the "Info" tab: (the -i Liz was the latest in my attempts to get this to work)

    Pegasus Mail for Microsoft Windows
    Copyright (C) 1992-2010, David Harris, all rights reserved
    Electronic mail to

    WinPMail version: Version 4.52 (Win32), Jan 13 2010
    Language resources: Standard UK English resource set
    Extension Manager version: 1.13
    Operating mode: Standalone
    User name and ID: Liz, 0
    Windows version: 6.0
    Windows flag word: 0
    WINPMAIL.EXE directory: C:\PMAIL\Programs
    Home mailbox location: ..\MAIL\Liz
    New mailbox location: ..\MAIL\Liz
    TMP environment variable: C:\Users\Liz\AppData\Local\Temp
    TEMP environment variable: C:\Users\Liz\AppData\Local\Temp
    LAN-based SMTP support: N, N, N
    NetWare MHS support: N, N, N
    Built-in TCP/IP support: Enabled
      - WINSOCK version: (Not loaded)
      - WINSOCK path: C:\Windows\system32\WSOCK32.DLL
    Commandline: -i Liz
    Active -Z options: 32768
    PMR variable: (None)
    PML variable: (None)
    MAI variable: (None)
    NB variable: (None)
    Autofiltering folders: 0 (0 active, 0 inactive)
    Last new mail count: 2



    Pegasus Mail User since 1991
    I sure miss DOS
    Applauding the great service still given today.
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