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Installer Miss-Places the update

  •  02-01-2010, 21:28

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    Installer Miss-Places the update

    I seem to have lost my lfirst post, so I'll start again.

    Our system is Win XP

    I've tried two updates, with the same results.  For example, using W32-452.exe:

    this installer recognized the existing version, 4.41, and found it in C:\PMAIL\Programs

    but it placed the update prog into C:\PMAIL, not \PMAIL\Programs

    I can run the new 4.52 version, but it can't find my existing eMail files.  I could move the new stuff into the \PMAIL\Programs folder, but I dont know which ones to move.  In any case, I'd rather let the installer do it, to make sure I don't lose the old eMail files.

    I'd appreciate some advice.  thanks...~jess


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