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Email from NAS via SMTP on localhost to postmaster@localhost

  •  02-21-2010, 18:48

    Email from NAS via SMTP on localhost to postmaster@localhost


    I am looking for a solution for the following problem:

    My Local Area Network (LAN) setup

    1. AVM Fritz!Box 7170 ( incl. firewall
    2. ASUS desktop connected to Fritz!Box with IP
      • XAMPP including Mercury installed on ASUS desktop used as local server named localhost IP =
    3. Mercury setup done with modules S, P and C, POP port 110, SMTP port 25 Yes
      • Sending email from Mercury Window in XAMPP Yes
      • Send email from postmaster@localhost to postmaster@localhost Yes
      • Send and receive local emails from Mozilla Thunderbird on ASUS Yes
    4. NAS Buffalo Link Station Pro Duo connected to Fritz!Box with IP

    Now I would like to send status emails from my NAS to my ASUS postmaster@localhost account, but I don't get this running.

    The NAS offers a possibility to add

    1. SMTP Server Address
    2. Email Subject, is clear Yes
    3. Up to 5 Recipient Mail Addresses, so no problem to insert postmaster@localhost Yes


    1. What do I have to insert exactly as SMTP Server Address on the NAS?
    2. Do I have to open specific ports for my ASUS PC on the AVM FritzBox and if yes, which ones?
    3. Do you need more information, to help me with this problem?
    Thanks for your help!

    Best regards
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