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Re: Pegasus refuses to create copy to self

  •  02-23-2010, 5:13

    • David Brooks is not online. Last active: 02-23-2010, 5:15 David Brooks
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    Re: Pegasus refuses to create copy to self

    I did once again send a passel of test messages, with the same results.  No copies to self, no prompts to make the same.  I checked for hidden windows (the windows menu) and saw only the main folder, my folders window, and the message window I was currently sending.

    I looked in System Messages (accessed from the Windows menu) and saw this:

         Mon, 19:53:11    Copy-self rule processing: No messages triggered any rules.

    which would seem to imply that I need to have created rules in order to copy to myself.  But this was never necessary before and I've never had any such rules.

    I explained (I think) in my original post that I reverted back to v4.51 when this problem first appeared and had the same difficulty with 4.51.   Hmm 

    David Brooks
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