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Lost messages - urgent

  •  03-25-2010, 6:50

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    Lost messages - urgent



    I hope one of you knowledgeable folks out there can help me. I use Pegasus Mail 4.41 on a Vista machine, have been using PMail for ever. Yesterday, when shutting down PM, I got an error message about corrupt files, but then PM closed. This morning, I find that the messages in a folder that I had open last night were gone - all messages that are newer than 2005, that is. So I thought that I would try and restore them from my general back-up. Problem: I cannot identify the files to restore. When I look at the files in my Home mail box location (as given in the Help/Info screen of PM) all the files there are dated 2008 and older - but I am using PMail on a daily basis, so there should be files that are much younger. As I am about to go on a trip, my mind may be warped here and I may not be thinking straight - but I simply cannot figure out what to do to restore my messages. Please help if you can!




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