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Re: Timeout after end of SMTP data lines and ".<cr><lf>"

  •  05-25-2010, 16:15

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    Re: Timeout after end of SMTP data lines and ".<cr><lf>"

    >> You suggested also that I "might simply want to turn off the MTU Discovery operation". I have no idea where (PC or ADSL modem/router)
    >> and how to do that. ...
    >You turn it off in the registry of the sending system.  The TCP Optimizer utility has the ability to set this for you my selecting the "Custom" options.

    I used TCP Optimizer to switch it off. And rebooted. After that, I confirmed in registry, in deed MTU Discovery has been switched off. But, again in TCP Optimizer  under CurrentOptions I could see MTUDiscovery: ON. It is a bug probably, because corresponding registry parameter was still OFF. So I assume MTU Discovery was really OFF. And I set MTU to 1300, just to be at the safe side. But, the problem remained.

    >7: Socket read error 10054 (connection aborted by remote host).
    >This says that Mercury issues the QUIT after losing the connection to the server as seen from the session log.

    This here is my typical log:

    15:55:50.062: << IFINL0luZm8gMTIgMCBSDS9JRFs8YmQ1ZTdhOGM3MjllYTE3ZjlhMmUwYjZjM2U2MTc5YWI+PGJk<cr><lf>
    15:55:50.062: << NWU3YThjNzI5ZWExN2Y5YTJlMGI2YzNlNjE3OWFiPl0NPj4Nc3RhcnR4cmVmDTE1MzIwNDgNJSVF<cr><lf>
    15:55:50.062: << T0YN<cr><lf>
    15:55:50.062: << <cr><lf>
    15:55:50.062: << ------=_NextPart_000_001D_01CAFC21.62CC31B0--<cr><lf>
    15:55:50.062: << <cr><lf>
    15:55:50.062: << .<cr><lf>
    15:55:51.781: << QUIT<cr><lf>
    15:55:51.781: --- Connection closed normally at Tue May 25 15:55:51 2010. ---

    There are no errors here. Only "250 Ok dirdel" is missing. In log file posted few weeks ago there were read/write errors logged but it appears that most of the time there is no any. What you can see in the log above is typical (90%) end of my smtp log file - when problem occures.

    But, in the "connection history window", each time when this problem occures you could see "Network failure during data transmition to TCPIP error during processing." for this job. No errors go to log file.

    Sounds like you are right, Yahoo decided to stay silenced...

    I contacted Yahoo email administrators, they checked my email samples and log files and found no reason for dropping my connections. They have no explination for this problem yet.

    Thanks for support, I hope I will swim out of this some day..!

    Best regards,


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