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Leaving Messages on the Server

  •  07-27-2010, 23:12

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    Leaving Messages on the Server

    I'm using Pmail 4.52 as a stand alone client for my POP3 email.

    With other email clients I've always been able to configure them to leave X number of days of mail on the server.  This is so IF I'm away from my computer but need to use email, I can use any computer with a web browser to access the webmail client and I'll at least be able to see messages from the last several of days.

    Thunderbird and even outlook express have this ability, but I sure can not seem to find it in Pmail anywhere.  

    I know I can tell Pmail to not download the mail, but then I would have to manually remember to login to the webmail client every so often to manually delete old mail so my web mailbox doesn't fill up.

    Does anyone know of a way to have Pmail download all mail every time it does a send/receive but leave a copy of all mail that is less than 4 days old (for example) and delete all mail older than 4 days from the server? Thus keeping the mailbox on the server trimmed automatically.

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