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Messages remaining in \MAIL\username folder

  •  08-04-2010, 3:42

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    Messages remaining in \MAIL\username folder


    I hope this issue isn't covered elsewhere.  We're big fans of Mercury and it's been a very reliable piece of software...thanks!

    I'm using Mercury 4.62 and over the last month I've noticed something odd. Mail is remaining in the drop folder for users and when I set session logs on, it claims there is nothing there to send even though some of the messages do not get pushed to the client (Outlook and iPad mail).

     ie.  22:17:08.859: << +OK Welcome! 0 messages (0 bytes)<cr><lf>

    I have the pertinent POP3 settings set correctly (the way they've always been), and the user that Mercury is running as has full control to the whole Mercury folder structure (for testing).  It's odd and I don't know why this started.

    If I clean out the folder, the messages will start queuing up again and eventually messages will once again not make it to the client--but some do!  Weird.




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