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4.52 Crashes after checking large IMAP folders

  •  08-26-2010, 18:21

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    4.52 Crashes after checking large IMAP folders

    Whenever I try to check an IMAP folder with more that around 100 messages in it, 4.52 crashes.  I see the counter in the status bar going through its routine buit after ir gets to some number between 40 and 80, it disappears.  Pegasus does not become completely unresponsive, I can click on other folders and they highlight but nothing happens, the other folder, POP or IMAP, doesn't come up.  Then the status bar indicates "IMAP: Closing connection to".  That's when the dreaded "This program had a problem..." box comes up.

    I've had this problem for weeks, so it's not a new update. Needless-to-say, I've fiddled with the IMAP settings for the accounts pretty extensively but can't seem to hit anything that works. 

    Can anyone suggest anything?

    Running XP, SP 3. 



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