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Mercury update status

  •  08-28-2010, 18:33

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    Mercury update status

    I don't mean to apply any pressure to Mr. Harris with this post. I'm very pleased with how well Mercury is working for me at this point. I'm just looking for any information regarding two features that would be extremely useful to me. First, what is the status of the ability to have folders within folders? When you start to have thousands of emails (yeah, I know, use the delete key), the number of folders starts to increase rapidly and it would be very helpful with organizing them if there was a heirarchical folder structure. Second, is there any update on a web interface. I saw a post that suggested a simple dll that could be easily loaded. I whole-heartedly support this approach. I don't want to become a professional web master. I simply want the ability to access email on occasion from remote sites using a web browser. So any updates on the status of these two issues would be appreciated. Thanks.
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