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Serious Thread/Memory leak - Win7-64 & PMail 4.52

  •  08-30-2010, 23:27

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    Serious Thread/Memory leak - Win7-64 & PMail 4.52

    Background: Pegasus Mail 4.52, dual-core AMD, Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit), POP3 account (SSL encrypted)

    On startup, PMail uses about 6MB RAM, 85 handles and 2 threads (according to both Task Manager and Resource Monitor).

    Every time PMail checks for mail (manually or by scheduled polling), the thread count goes up 3-4 during the check, but then only drops back 2-3 (ie a net increase of 1-2 thread handles). This is consistent, and results in a creeping increase in threads. Memory and handle usage also increase, even if no actual work (no new mail) is being done. I haven't verified whether sending mail also leaks.

    By itself, this is not a problem, but at some point (usually when the thread count reaches 1,400+ and memory usage hits 100MB+), PMail stops responding properly: CPU usage jumps to ~50% but it doesn't seem to be doing anything (I suspect a scheduled new mail poll triggers it). I can close PMail via File|Exit, but that only closes the main window; the process is still sitting there and has to be forcefully killed.

    The end result is that I have to restart Pegasus every few days.

    I am not noticing any other anomalous behavior.


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