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Re: mercury change from netware mode to non netware mode

  •  09-17-2010, 17:54

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    Re: mercury change from netware mode to non netware mode

    I presume that you're talking Mercury/32 rather than NLMs?

    Well, the first thing I would ask is whether you're using Pegasus Mail as well, or whether you're just using it (Mercury) as a gateway for whatever mail client a user wants.  It will give an indication about the amount of data and client configuration that will need to be shuffled.  If it's just SMTP, POP and IMAP then it should be easy.  It's breaking the excellent NetWare integration that takes the time.

    As Mercury is a gateway, you will need to do a completely fresh install on a machine without the Novell Client/32 installed, and create a delivery location for all new mail.  You will no longer have the HOME_DIR information provided by eDir or the Bindery, so you will need to set up new delivery locations for all your users. This is carried out as part of the Mercury install.

    Take a look at:  It gives a very basic setup instruction set.  One of the Windows gurus will be able to provide more information than me I'm afraid!

    There are migration utilities out there, and somewhere an AD module.  However I'm running things against OES Linux as well as NetWare, so I'm afraid I can't remember where exactly they are as I haven't needed them!

    Please give us more information about how you work things at present, and we can probably give more information from there.



    Tom Anstey
    Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine
    University of Oxford
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