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Re: Version of the S/MIME extension

  •  10-29-2010, 19:28

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    Re: Version of the S/MIME extension


    Well, the other programs install regularly doesn't help any because they don't need to install into Pegasus Mail's program directory after ensuring Pegasus Mail doesn't run. If you re-read the error message you'll understand that error opening registry key doesn't mean the key doesn't exist, it means it cannot be opened (for read access) by the installer. Now the question (which I cannot answer) is why?

    Note that all my setups for the various extensions I provide work the same way and the vast majority of users don't enounter such issues, in fact you are the third user seeing this or something similar. In the other cases it appeared to be a cient/server issue of some kind, but installing on a stand-alone machine shouldn't cause such issues especially since installers always require and request elevated access rights anyway. I'm afraid you're left alone with figuring out what's going on ...

    Many thanks in any case - you did a great job with your extensions. As you say I'll try to figure out this glitch alone; I have already controlled access permissions but onr never knows. Unfortunately the Bar regulations here require now s/mime signatures for official e-mails, and if I do not find a solution with enormous regret I will have to pension Pegasus after fifteen years of honorable service.

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