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Re: Version of the S/MIME extension

  •  10-30-2010, 1:22

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    Re: Version of the S/MIME extension


    Just to be sure we're not on the wrong track: Do we talk about a local copy of Pegasus Mail, not about a remotely accessed server installation? I may have to think about a solution for user specific extension's in the latter case as there won't be any write access to the server based executable, of course ...

    That's correct. One PC, local copy, no server installation, one human user, two accounts on the PC (one admin one normal user), one user for Pegasus. Installation directory C:\PMAIL. The normal user is the owner, the two users and system have the same privileges. I usually log in as normal user. Pegasus fishes on an Exchange server, but I think that's immaterial. It is the same configuration I had on xp where everything worked all right. Tonight I made a little experiment and installed a clean copy of Pegasus on my portable PC, also having Windows 7 Professional, and tried to install the extension. Same result.

    Many thanks in advance for any advice you may have.

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