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General Filter: Save and Delete Attachments in New Mail Folder

  •  12-22-2010, 11:45

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    General Filter: Save and Delete Attachments in New Mail Folder

    I want to strip attachments before filing emails.  My PMAIL directory is far to large.  I have alot of old emails to process (move to newmail, strip and move back).  I tried to apply a general filter but it doesn't finish running.  It does save the attachment.  Can someone tell me why and what I need to do to make this work?  Here's the PMC file:

    Strip Attachments
    If attachment ExtnPart matches "*" SaveAttmt "m:\\Downloads" 1
    If attachment ExtnPart matches "*" DeleteAttmt ""

    I checked and found that the Save Attachment part works.  It's the delete attachment part that doesn't work.  The Delete attachment command requires a close message and a confirm to save changes.  I don't know how to do that in a filter.  The Set Button didn't bring up a further dialog box.   Also, my CPU usage goes to 100% when I use the Delete attachments filter.  The file is saved in such a way as to make Pegasus hang when reloading it into the "new mail folder".  I've probably not articulated this quite right.  After Pegasus hangs, I have to move the message file out of the ADMIN folder before I can open Pegasus again.

    If I change the delete part to:

         If attachment NamePart matches "?* " DeleteAttmt " "

     Then PMAIL doesn't hang/freeze, the attachment is not deleted.

    I found this thread which indicates that the delete attachment command does not work in PMAIL 4.52


    Peace & papayas, Geoffrey
    PM 4.73.639 Win10
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