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Can't stop multiple incoming emails

  •  01-31-2011, 18:12

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    Can't stop multiple incoming emails

    One of our Windows XP computers running Pegasus 4.5 suddenly started getting multiple copies of incoming messages.  For example, I sent a test message to that computer this morning at about 8:30 a.m. and within an hour it was downloaded about 30 times.  Soon we had to shut down the program because it had received nearly 500 messages, almost all repeats of messages sent within the past few days.  The settings are set to delete emails downloaded from the server.

    Also, an error message keep appearing, "POP3 Network or Protocol Error," which says essentially that the user name or password is incorrect and authentication failed.

     I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Pegasus, but that did not help.  Same problems reappeared.

    Although I've been using Pegasus for at least ten years, I have only an average lay person's understanding of technological issues.  I would appreciate help in knowing how to stop these multiplying emails and how to stop the error message (which I realize may be aspects of the same problem).  Thank you,


    Roland Chase

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