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Re: Vanishing folders

  •  02-01-2011, 16:29

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    Re: Vanishing folders


    First of all, make a backup of your entire C:\Pmail folder by copying it into new folder (e.g. C:\mail-backup). If your messages are stored elsewhere, make a backup of that folder, too.

    Next, open the original C:\Pmail folder and choose detail view then sort by file type. Create a folder on your desktop called CNM. Move all files ending .cnm from C:\Pmail to the CNM folder on the desktop.

    Next, delete the file named from C:\Pmail

    Start Pegasus Mail.

    Pegasus Mail should scan your pmail folder and find your mail folders and recreate them (this information is stored in the file).

    Assuming that works, close Pegasus Mail.

    Open the CNM folder on your desktop and open the .cnm files using notepad. If the cnm file contains header information (To:, From: XMailer, Received by: etc) then copy it back to the C:\Pmail folder. If it is blank, or does not contain any data, leave it where it is.

    When you open Pegasus Mail, the new mail folder should contain the messages you moved back (.cnm files are messages that appear in the new mail folder).

    Let us know how you get on.

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