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Toolbar Icon Suggestions for PM4.6.1

  •  03-13-2011, 15:47

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    Toolbar Icon Suggestions for PM4.6.1


    Thank you for the latest update to a classic.  My comments in this post concern the new toolbar icons.  I upgraded to PM4.6.1 from PM4.5.2 in WinXP SP3.

    1)  I agree with another post that smaller toolbar icons should be available.

    2)  Some icons still need updating.  I am using a file and the old icons (PM4.5.2) appear on the toolbar.  The relevant entries are <0,10114,0,1846,"Apply general rule set to folder"> and <0,10187,0,1841,"Review queued mail">.

    3)  I think the arrows & question mark in the send/check mail icons (1828.png "Send all queued mail," 1827.png "Check you POP3 host for new mail," 1829.png "Both check and send mail in one operation," & 1835.png "Perform a selective download.") should be changed to improve the contrast.  The current green and blue arrows are difficult to see against the green and blue planet earth.

    4)  I think the spacing of the "Graphics only" icons and the "Graphics and text" icons should be the same.  I like the spacing of the "Graphics and text" icons, which is more compact than the spacing of the "Graphics only" icons.

    Thanks again for all your work on Pegasus Mail.



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