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Re: Installing Pegasus Mail on an existing Network.

  •  03-14-2011, 20:00

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    Re: Installing Pegasus Mail on an existing Network.

    An assistant was trying to resolve the issue and found the following "resolution"

    Assistant: I found that going into message replies options, and in some cases not even changing anything, but hitting apply, seems to correct it.
    Assistant: Travis changed his option to put < in front of the old message and that corrected his. Seems like any change made to reply options resets the issue. Maybe??? :)
    Me: Wow - that sounds too easy...I wonder what config file that modifies.  It would seem like it modifies the pmail.ini file which I had modified manually.

    Further testing confirmed that making a change to the Tools / Options /  Messages and Replies, or in the Reply Options window that appears resolves the issue.  Perhaps it was a rights issue on that Netware Network.

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