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Re: Bug Report and Suggestions

  •  04-19-2011, 0:18

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    Re: Bug Report and Suggestions

    We did not misunderstand so much as you failed to mention that the text was not a recognised (and formatted) link.

    I've just tested in Pegasus 4.61 and it worked fine for me but that was with a marked link in a plain-text message.

    Can you please give us the following info which will help us to understand what your situation and try and re-create the problem:

    • Which exact version of Pegasus are you using? You mention 4.0 but I really hope you're more up-to-date than that.
    • Are you seeing this problem in plain-text as well as HTML messages?
    • If these e-mail addresses are not active links, can you tell us whether there are ANY active links in the message?

    This should get us started on sorting you out.

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