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Re: Pegasus 4.61 with Windows 7 AND IE 9 update (crashes)

  •  04-21-2011, 18:27

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    Re: Pegasus 4.61 with Windows 7 AND IE 9 update (crashes)

    Pegasus v4.61 / Windows 7 (32 bit) / Service Pack 1 (SP1) / Novell Netware 6.5 / Shared Pegasus Mail Application Directory (Shared with Windows XP Pro users and other Windows 7 Users without SP1 installed)

    Given all the above discussion, I elected to uninstall the upgrade to Internet Explorerr 9 (via Windows Control Panel / Programs and Features / View Installed Updates (on the left pane) / (scroll down to:) Microsoft Windows section / right-click "Windows Internet Explorer 9" / Uninstall.  It requires a computer restart.  Then open up Internet Explorer 8 and make sure it is operational; then retry Pegasus.

     I did this on two work stations and all is well.

     Note, this was best answer for our situation due to the mixed users accessing the Pegasus application on the shared network directory.

    Hopefully, in the coming weeks we will see stable updates to Internet Explorer 9 and/or the IERender.exe so that it can work with IE9 as well as older versions of Internet Explorer at the same time.

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