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4.61 (minor) problems

  •  06-10-2011, 18:09

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    4.61 (minor) problems

    A few problems with Pegasus 4.61 (because they are minor problems I put them in one posting):

    • the menu entry "Window" and the WindowBar present different lists. As of this version the menu entry apparently does not list open individual mails only folders
    • there is no "x"-button to close the queued mail folder (nor a "Window"->"Close" menu entry), but Ctrl-F4 works (same as in previous versions)
    • as far as I remember the previous version were satisfied to show new mail in "Folder - New mail" (when it was open?). This version insists to focus on "New mail folder"
    • in Folder-Preview mode one (at least I) cannot see which window is active: the selected folder and the selected mail are marked the same way. I would consider it helpful if the selection in the active window differed (same as in previous versions)

    I don't know if the following is a good idea:

    • Allow in "Message properties" to change the date

    Recently I had a mail with a date setting of 2005. I took a while to discover it in the New mail folder. To be able to find it in the Main folder I had to edit the new mail file manually.



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