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Re: Pegasus on a multiple monitor setup

  •  09-20-2011, 13:55

    Re: Pegasus on a multiple monitor setup

    This multi-monitor bug has bugged me for years, through multiple versions of PMail, under Win2K, WinXP and Win7.

    At present, I typically run PMail on a ThinkPad X40 supporting 2 or 3 monitors with Win7.  Granted, I have fudged the Win7 to run with an XDDM display driver on the Intel 8255 graphics, but PMail has always seemed insensitive tof a multi-monitor environment, even under Win2k and WinXP.

    For example, when spell-checking an email draft with PMail on the secondary monitor, the "Spell Check has finished, would you like to try again for the top?" window always appears on the primary monitor, beyond the PMail window which is limited to the secondary display.  Sometimes, my attention is focused on PMail on the secondary monitor; I do not see the inquiring window which has popped up on the primary monitor.  So, I keep clicking the spell check window to implement my last spelling correction.  With each additional click, PMail seems to produce an additional "finished ....   again from the top?" query window, each over-layed on the prior.  When this happens, clicking in the "finished ...  again from the top window", dispatches the top window, only to reveal an identical under-laying window, to the depth equal to the number of redundant clicks in the Spell Check window.

    In folder view, a similar multi-monitor bug appears.  For example, when PMail is in folder view on the secondary monitor, clicking to move a folder generates the target window on the primary monitor, again beyond the PMail window on the secondary monitor.

    In other words, some actions evoke subsidiary windows on the primary monitor, even when PMail is running on the secondary or tertiary monitor.

     Also, when stared, PMail appears on the monitor from which it was last closed.  For example, after PMail is closed on the secondary or tertiary monitor, restarting PMail evokes PMail on the secondary or tertiary monitor, even if the system no longer has a secondary or tertiary monitor.

    As stated above, at my desk, my  ThinkPad X40 generally supports two or three monitors.  Sometimes, I undock my ThinkPad and take it on the road, so to speak.  When starting PMail with my ThinkPad undocked, PMail still starts on the secondary or tertiary monitor--if previously closed from the secondary or tertiary monitor--even when the undocked ThinkPan has only one monitor.  This means that starting PMail on my undocked ThinkPad evokes no change to my primary display, the only display in my undocked configuration.  It appears that PMail fails to start.  In fact, PMail is trying to appear on a non-existant secondary or tertiary monitor.  With Win7, it is reasonably easy to shift wayward PMail to single primary LED display via keyboard shortcuts.

    I wish that PMail would attempt to display itself on the secondary or tertiary monitor, only when the system actually contains a secondary or tetiary display.




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