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Pegasus crashes when printing

  •  07-19-2007, 15:37

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    Pegasus crashes when printing


    Pegasus Mail 4.41 is installed on several WinXP Pro SP2 machines. All mailboxes are stored on a NAS server.

    I have an issue where printing to a specific printers causes Pegasus Mail to crash. The printer is a brand new HP Color Laserjet 1600 and is connected to a WinXP Pro SP2 client and shared. Printing from Pegasus Mail on the PC to which the printer is attached is always successful. Printing from Pegasus Mail from a client where the same printer is mapped always fails. It fails regardless of whether the 1600 is the default or the specific printer.

    I have tried renaming the pmail.ini file (both locally and on the NAS) to clear the printer settings, uninstalling/reinstalling Pegasus Mail (including shift+deleting the Pegasus Mail folder C:\PMAIL after 'uninstallation'), deleting and reinstalling the HP LJ1600.

    The driver for the 1600 available from HP's support site is the same as the one which ships on the CD, so the latest printer driver is being used.

     Does anyone have any ideas please?

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