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How to deal with crashes and hangs/freezes

  •  10-23-2011, 15:27

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    Star [*] How to deal with crashes and hangs/freezes

    If you happen to encounter crashes with Pegasus Mail or situations where it doesn't continue to work anymore (hanging or freezing) it is recommended to take the following steps:

    • First of all ensure you're using the most recent version of Pegasus Mail since it might already fix your issue(s). Additionally it may help to check for the most recent versions of the built-in HTML renderers: IERenderer and BearHtml. To retrieve the installed versions of any of the above check the following locations: Pegasus Mail's version information is displayed at the bottom of its About screen accessible via its Help menu. IERenderer provides a similar About screen accessible via its toolbar button (usually the rightmost one on top of Pegasus Mail's main window). BearHtml provides its version information only after disabling IERenderer on its button menu, loading an HTML message into reader or preview and pressing Shift + F1: It'll show up on Pegasus Mail's leftmost status bar section at the bottom of its main window.
    • If none of the updates helps please start a forum search next for your issue using any of the following URLs: Crashes, hangs or freezes. If you already have an idea of what might be causing your issue you may want to do a more specific search like this one or that one. If you can't find any helpful suggestions this way you may want to post a new support request including the information from Pegasus Mail's Help => About Pegasus Mail => Info screen.
    • It might also be helpful to provide more details to our beta-reports address about your special issue using the MiniDump extension. Please make sure to be using its most recent version as well, starting with version it provides an update screen via Pegasus Mail's Tools => Extensions => MiniDump menu entry. You should allow its installer to create a Windows Start menu group for accessing its various command options and reading its ReadMe file specifying details about the way it works.

    Thanks in advance ...


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