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Re: Problem with Pmail and Widescreen Displays

  •  05-09-2007, 15:58

    Re: Problem with Pmail and Widescreen Displays

    I would suggest looking to see if there is another video driver than the one that was supplied.  Often the chip set manufacturers offer generic ones that work better than the OEM Vendor supplied drivers.     I run Pegasus Mail on two systems (Notebook and Desktop) with 1680x1050 displays, and don't see that effect.   My display adapters are both Nvidia Geforce.    I also run dual monitors on the desktop so as far as the computer is concerned its twice that width.


    I do see one quirk though about Pegasus Mail that has to do with the MDI interface where prompting windows can float, if you use Pegasus Mail on the second monitor your prompt window can end up on the first monitor.   Its not unique to Pegasus Mail, the effect happens on any program that uses MDI.  I doubt there is a way to fix that because logically its a 3360x1050 display not two 1680x1050 displays. 

    Larry Havenstein
    System Engineer
    Dept of Communications
    Kansas State University

    Pegasus Mail and Mercury/32 Beta Team Member.
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