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Portable Pegasus.

  •  11-22-2011, 23:56

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    Portable Pegasus.


    After some local personal computer hassle (exploding PSU's!)  I moved my install of Pegasus to another PC, lock stock and all.   A simple bulk copy of the entire folder structure etc, via usb stick was done.

    Much to my delight (but not surprise, Peg is always good to me in this respect) it all burst into life, and I could get on with things.

    In the process of all this, I updated to V4.62, and was much impressed with the changes, not least the greatly improoved stability, but that could also be as much as it's now living on XP, not W2k?  I digress....

    However, I've decided I'd realy like to have it all on an external USB connected hard drive (FLASH sticks wear out unexpectedly I've found) so I can move "My" email system between PC's as I need.  If nothing else, a pocket sized drive, is a lot easier to carry arround...

    I understand from recent posts, that there is a -roam option, but unless I'm dim (always possible) I can't seem to find anything about that.

    What I've tried so far, is manualy editing all the .ini files so that C:\PMAIL......  is now O:\PMAIL...... etc, also the desktop shortcut properties etc, and even the registry entries, though I find that Peg seems to update or recreate what it needs quetly in the background.   Paths to the image cache, and windows noises etc, are left as is.

    However, when starting Peg, I get the "user not found on this system" message, even manually entering my known good username, does not work.  Whatever I do, does not seem to change that, so, and flame me for this if it's under my nose, how/what to use to allow me to do such a thing?

    The portable drive in question is a 20G hard drive, with a TrueCrypt (V7.1) volume, that always appears as O:\  ('P' would have been nice, but one machine I would probably use, already has that drive allocated to a network store.)   TrueCrypt itself, is not "installed", but is runable from a small (1G) unencrypted volume on the portable drive.  The passphrase is a suitably obscure (non dictionary item) known only to me.  This is just to protect myself, if I loose the drive, or one of it's backups.

    I've found in the past, that 20G drives are large enough to do serious stuff on, but small enough to backup easily.   I imagine I may need to setup some system variables perhaps, to make this easy?

    OK, flame suit on, and sick bucket ready.


    Dave Baxter.


    If it's broke, hit it. If it still doesnt work, hit it harder. If it's breaks, it was bad anyway.
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