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DST and FONTs/Size

  •  09-13-2012, 17:03

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    DST and FONTs/Size

    I have noted you do not have the DST settings in our profile.

    As an added thought could there be a method of selecting our favorite font&size as well to be always used when posting?  Plus it reverts back to default setting before one starts to type.  The only way I have found to keep the same font and size is to start a message then HiLite it and then set the font&size and will stay.

    Another point is the starter/creator of a post is not maintained in the listing of posts, only the last poster, the first questioner should be always visible.  Any Admin or Volunteer for giving advice should be identified as such or their position with this service along with Member if any other may post a reply/helpful suggestion if you approve their information.

     The forum is very nice, clean, easy to move through as well. As one poster mentioned, 'easy to get lost' is true, but; that is also true of the web as well as other forums.  Maybe also can get lost in our own thoughts and forget what we originally came to this forum to get HELP.  This one is one of the nicer ones that I hold membership, that is some where about 55 or 60 forums.  No I do not attend all at any time, only when there is a need.

      There are so many good questions with very good answers to learn more than what one has arrived here for assistance.

     Also just noted the font&size reverts back to default (Arial -Font size-) even when moving to start a new paragraph


    Edited by NTxLS: Just noted also the font/size changes in my message yet when posting the entire message is set to the same font/size

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