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Re: Forwarding email kills TCP/IP Network stack in Win XP and 2K....

  •  11-19-2012, 20:49

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    Re: Forwarding email kills TCP/IP Network stack in Win XP and 2K....


    I'm running Pegasus 4.41 on WinXP SP2.  Every once in a while, when I forward an email and hit send, Pegasus seems to corrupt the TCP/IP stack and I lose network connectivity to my local LAN.  A reboot restores the connection.

     Seems to happen with Rich Text (eg. HTML) based emails for some reason, but I have not managed to isolate the problem.  Earlier versions of Pegasus also did this and it also happens on Win2K SP5 as well.

     Anyone else seen this problem?


     I found this thread from 2007 while looking for a solution to my problem, which sounds almost exactly the same.

    In my case, I get a weekly newsletter in HTML format, which I forward (bounce) to a friend via a filter rule. Two of the past four I've received have caused the network to die when I try to send the forwarded messages.The computer will then hang for about 10 seconds over and over about every 10 seconds until I manage to disable-then-enable the network connection in Windows, or to reboot. It doesn't seem to happen when I forward any other emails or to send a new one. The newsletter I got today didn't do it, but the one I got last week did. It's repeatable - if I try to bounce the problem message again, it happens every time.

    I'm using Pegasus 4.63 with IERenderer version and libtidy.dll version, running on Windows XP SP3.

    Is there any way to fix this? I suppose it's a consequence of some flaw in the markup code of the messages, but it seems to me that no matter what, transmission of email should not interfere with my network connection like this.


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