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Computerhopping with Pegasus and USB-flash

  •  01-05-2013, 18:59

    Computerhopping with Pegasus and USB-flash


    I am travelling a lot and I use several computers and laptops in different places (I call this computerhopping). I am working on all machines with Pegasus Mail 4.51. (WIN 32) German version. How can I synchronize the mail programm on the different machines so that I can read all the mails on all computers? Did anyone try via USB-flash-memorystick? If it works, which are the files to be copied and to which directory must they be pasted? 

    The advice in FAQs (see below) does not work (Ii have tried with a 16 GB-stick), probably because I did not paste to a completely new "empty" Pegasus directory.

     Thank you very much for a good hint.


    Problem:  I have recently purchased a new computer, and I want to copy my existing Pegasus Mail files to it from my old machine. How do I go about this?

    Solution:  Follow these steps  -

    1: Install Pegasus Mail normally on the new machine. Create a mailbox for yourself.

    2: Run Pegasus Mail on the new machine, then without doing anything else, select "Help", then "About Pegasus Mail". Click the "Info" button, and find the entry in the list called "Home mailbox location". Note this directory down on a piece of paper, then cancel out of the dialog and quit from Pegasus Mail immediately.

    3: Run Pegasus Mail on the old machine. Repeat the steps in (2), noting down your old mail directory.

    4: Copy all the files from the directory you found in (3) into the directory you found in (2). The easiest way to do this is usually across a network if you have one, or via a PC-connection program such as PC-Anywhere, but you can also do it using floppies or backup programs.

    The next time you run Pegasus Mail on the new machine, it should see all the same mail files and settings that you previously used on your old system.

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