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BearHTML - ancient image download/display bug - triggered by POP3 download

  •  01-07-2013, 20:51

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    BearHTML - ancient image download/display bug - triggered by POP3 download

    This one has been bugging me for years: BearHTML stops downloading images after *any* POP3 download. (FYI, my Pmail is set to "display remote images manually".)

    Steps to reproduce:

    - start Pmail

    - click to download your emails via POP3

    - open *any* HTML message (for which you have not downloaded images yet), and bring up the context-menu

    - click "Show pictures (HTML only)"

    What happens: the Pmail statusbar shows the process of enumerating images to download - but everything happens in a flash, and no image gets actually downloaded.

    Opening *any* other HTML message and trying to display pictures results in the same failure. Pmail acts like doing it - but it does not download anything.

    To get Pmail to download images for HTML messages again it is necessary to *restart* Pmail. Image downloading will work after restart, right until the first POP3 download, after which images will fail to download again.

    Hint: shockingly for me, the short-lived version - to which I have no longer access - did *not* exhibit this problem, when I tried it before Christmas. One would think, the two problems, broken CSS-support, and problem with image downloads may well be related.


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