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POP3 client - delete messages from remote server

  •  02-11-2013, 17:26

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    POP3 client - delete messages from remote server


    Within Pegasus Mail there is an option when setting up POP3 access to delete the mail from the server once it has been retrieved. Is it possible to do this with the POP3 client in Mercury?

    I ask because I am setting up a mail server for a very small charity who want a copy of their mail on their local network. I can configure their MX records to direct mail to their network, but they will get all the spam too. I know I can install Spamhalter to sort this out but it requires a lot of intervention and these people are not at all technical.

    I was wondering, therefore, if the POP3 client - MercuryD - could be configured to get the mail from their existing web-based email server which already strips out the spam, and then delete the mail from the web-based server so it does not fill up and reach capacity.

    I can't see any way to configure this. Is it possible?


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