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Re: Variable Signature Not Fully Functional

  •  05-24-2013, 21:33

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    Re: Variable Signature Not Fully Functional

    The Home Mailbox location and the New Mailbox Location differ because it was decided to move the Home Mailbox Location to a separate drive for space considerations. This option is explained in the Pegasus Help files in the following section:

    Preferences and Settings\General Settings\Mailbox Location

    The program was initially installed via the default installation setting of Multi-User. This is why the default New Mailbox Location has the user name of Admin. Although the configuration may appear out of the ordinary to you, I believe that it should pose no conflict with Pegasus. In fact, over the past several years during which this configuration has been used, it has not.

    As a result of this configuration, however, the .pms file must be placed in the Home Mailbox Location of Z:\PMail\Mail, which it is. This is the way Pegasus was configured on Win XP, 32 prior to the migration to the Win 7, 64 bit environment, and the Variable Signature feature always worked perfectly. It may be that this configuration is incompatible with a Win 7, 64 bit system for some reason, but I am not sure about that. All other features work perfectly. It is only the Variable Signature that is malfunctioning. And even that is only malfunctioning in one aspect of its performance. Namely, attaching a formatted Variable Signature to a new mail message when the

    /Add this variant of default signature upon message creation

    option is chosen. And please note, as I indicated previously, such a variable signature is properly inserted into a new mail message when it is a reply to a previously received message. So Pegasus is successfully finding the .pms file and acting on it in all other possible scenarios. Is it possible that Pegasus handles the creation of the two types of messages differently in some way that is effecting the insertion of the variable signature?

    BTW, I did try relocating the .pms file to the New Mailbox Location of C:\PMAIL\MAIL\Admin. But this did not work. Nor do I believe that it should have. Also, pconfig.exe confirms the mailbox locations extracted from Pegasus' Help\Info screen, as noted above.

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