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Re: Content Control hangs - as does Spamhalter

  •  08-06-2013, 20:02

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    Re: Content Control hangs - as does Spamhalter

    Because the content control problem is unresolved, I disabled it and turned on Spamhalter instead (the version integrated into Pegasus, not the one running on Mercury).  And ...  same problem occurs, albeit slightly less frequently.  Very occasionally, Spamhalther will identify and move spammy messages to the designated spam folder without barfing, but about 90% of the time, it hangs on the first spam message it encounters.

     CPU usage goes up to about 25%, and stays there at least overnight (as long as I've let it run w/o killing the application).  If I do kill it and then restart, one message has been moved but the others have not been touched.

    Very disappointing -- I've had Process Explorer running sometimes to try to diagnosis the problem, but can't see any other procedure being called or being waited on.




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