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Re: moving messages over from old machine to new when basic installation has changed

  •  09-01-2013, 11:41

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    Re: moving messages over from old machine to new when basic installation has changed

    Hi, Brian,

    Thanks very much for the notes there. With the help of Dirk Van Den Bogaerde's information I am up and running again. I'll do a step-by-step methodology later covering this issue.

    In the meantime I applaud your  choice of words 'flatten' indeed! Even with the transferred the folder/tray structure was 'flattened' (read wiped out). Is there anything else linked with that might cause this? A few day's back I did have the original structure, but then we were not getting pop3/smtp so that install was removed. I feel that is not the sum of the story.

     I specifically deleted the following from the new installation and copied over the old files.

    • CACHE.PM

    But we have been through this before some years back. around 3500 folders to sort. Now, as then, this is a major operation to unravel that amount of folders and get them in order, drag and drop notwithstanding. So let's look for the silver lining as I find duplicate or similarly-named folders, and make it a better arrangement than it was before - unless there is a magic solution.




    Running under wine it's still the best!
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