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Pegasus Mail 4.63 hanging when starting

  •  09-05-2013, 10:43

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    Pegasus Mail 4.63 hanging when starting

    Hi, since one week I'm having problem starting Pegasus Mail. I start Pegasus, specify my username, then there is the usual spash screen and isntead of prosecuting with the usual deskop layout the program hangs on the "Restoring desktop layout ..." splash screen.

    Initially this behaviour was happening sometimes, but, as the days pass, seems to become more frequent. This morning Hi've tried to restart my laptop 3 times but without any positive result.

    I've updated the rs: IERenderer and BearHtml as indicated in this post " the failure percentage increases", I've tried to reinstall PMail 4.63, with no result.

    My laptop hais Windows 7 64 bit, patched to the last Microsft updates. Office 2013 64bit and Adobe Acrobat X installed among other SW (but in the last week I don't remember having installed new SW).

    I did a system disk clean up (including old system files) some days ago, but I don't think this is related having not discovered any problem with Pegasus Mail immediately after the disk clean up.

     I'm a user of Pegasus since its beginning and moved all my email from PC to PC and from a Pmail version to the other without any significant problem. Pegasus is installed on this laptop since 1-2 years and never had this kind of problem.

    The Task Manager doesn't indicate any activity performes by the winpm-32.exe process.

    Any hint? TIA



    P.S.: I was not able to find tags dealing specifically with the above problem like: "hangs", "frozen"

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