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Re: Splash screen distorted

  •  09-10-2013, 3:48

    Re: Splash screen distorted


    I told David Harris about this problem, his answer was :

    "You're using a so-called "Large Font" display driver. This will throw out almost anything that needs to display a fixed-size item in a Windows dialog, because the Windows dialog units will change but the fixed-size item won't.
    Many years ago I invested enormous effort in "solving" this problem by developing my own bitmapped button control, which uses proportions and percentages instead of pixels for its measurements. That's why most of the buttons in the program will look reasonably OK on your display.
    I can probably "fix" the splash screen by using one of my bitmapped button controls (in static bitmap mode) instead of the standard Windows picture control.

    The next version of Pegasus Mail will have this problem fixed.

    Thanks Phil,
    I just try to get my head around it. I suppose that this so-called "Large Font" display driver is nothing one can influence as it come with the graphics driver or OS. I assume that this so-called "Large Font" is actually more related to the bitmaps/icons rather than the text/font sizes? (see my reply to Brian)
    Many thanks.

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