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Re: Problems using a memory chip on 64bit Windows7 laptop

  •  11-05-2013, 11:15

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    Re: Problems using a memory chip on 64bit Windows7 laptop

    Hullo Virtually all of the problems I previously reported under this thread (search results won't delete, folders appearing under the wrong drive, disappearing folders and filing trays, apparently “damaged” folders), have, with hat tip to Brian Fluet, the use of the pmrestarch routine, and a fresh memory chip, boiled down to the last two remaining problems; Folders on the usb device think they belong to the harddrive (both desktop and laptop), and the usb archive not sticking between sign-on (laptop only). Whilst I’m happy my data files are accessible one way or another, it would be good to have my systems working properly. Currently, On my laptop, the “add mailbox to list” does add the mailbox, but all the folders think they are part of the laptop, not the usb device. And if I close Pegasus down, and restart, I have to go through the “add mailbox to list” routine once again. On my desktop, the usb device is recognised once Pegasus restarts, but as per the laptop, all folders appear to have migrated to the harddrive, including the usb’s “copy to self” folder. So the hdrive shows two copy to self folders. The usb device appears down at the foot of the folder list as if a new installation, showing copy to self (ie a third version, this time empty), Junk mail, Main, and New mail folders, each of the last three showing only David’s initial explanatory messages. I have re-installed Pegasus v4.63 on both machines. Laptop is Win7, 64bit Johnny
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