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Re: Problems using a memory chip on 64bit Windows7 laptop

  •  11-05-2013, 21:44

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    Re: Problems using a memory chip on 64bit Windows7 laptop


    Thanks for your suggestions.

    Since posting this morning I did a total Pegasus uninstall off my laptop, which in reality meant using uninstall via "Programs and Features", then deleting everything else I could find suggestive of Pegasus Winpmail, save for anything in the registry - not brave enough for that!, followed by a fresh install. Success!

    My usb-device-resident Pegasus full installation now behaves properly when attached to the harddrive-resident Pegasus on my laptop, and all folders happily appear in their proper places.

    I have yet to give my desktop the total makeover of uninstall&delete/fresh install treatment but feel optimistic that it too should succeed.

    Its interesting to note that an "update" of v4.63 wasn't adequate for the job;  it was necessary to entirely remove the system - and presumably some corrupted system files - before Pegasus would once again operate correctly.




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