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Opening "New Mail" results in endless filtering which prevents Pegasus from operating

  •  11-15-2013, 2:00

    • Brian J is not online. Last active: 04-02-2014, 6:51 Brian J
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    Opening "New Mail" results in endless filtering which prevents Pegasus from operating

    About three months ago my house electricity supply failed while Pegasus V4.63 (Win 32) Dec 22 2011, build 325 was 'reading new mail' after the download command was executed. I have some thousands of un-filed new mail messages which take a few minutes for Pegasus to load. It always reports that it is filtering them, even though I have set no filters.

    Since then, when I command it to 'read new mail' it begins and endless round of filtering. I have removed all filters I can find, so there should be none. Even so, a couple of thousand un-filed mail messages seemingly have vanished, if the reported count is accurate.

    Hitting the Stop button does not work, and the best means I have left tp stop the program from running is to use the "3-fingered salute" "Control Alt Delete" which usually gets there in the end.

    Since then I have been using the web-mail facility provided by my ISP, but there is an awful lot of stuff now in my mail-box which needs to be filed on my HDD.

    Pegasus will snd mail, operate address-books and mail folders just fine. New mail is the problem.

    Thinking I could solve it by installing a later version of Pegasus, I downloaded this and installed it.

    There then seemed to be two versions of Pegasus running and they both exhibit the same 'new mail' problem.

    Worse, I saw some entries in my address-books are doubled up.

    So I moved the newer version to a "Temp" folder within the Pegasus directory.

    I'd really like to solve this "to me" serious problem.

    Thanks in advance, Brian J

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