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Re: Mail Backup

  •  04-11-2014, 4:28

    Re: Mail Backup

    Hi nate10,


    This might not answer all parts of your question but here is how I save, backup and restore my emails under Pegasus Mail.


    Pegasus Mail (PM) saves all emails in numerous files in your email folder on your hard disk. It is not one file only as e.g. Outlook does. If you want to backup your emails you have to backup that entire folder (or directory) including sub-folders if exist.

    As an example, my main PM email folder is:



    If your are using multiple PM users then PM creates a separate folder for each user and places all the emails of each user in a separate folder under that main mail folder. It also places a small text file PMAIL.USR into the PM main folder which contains one line per user (have a look at it). Assuming you have three users 'alice', 'john' and 'tom' then you would end up with three folder in your PM email folder path called:





    All files in the user folders have 'cryptic' names and most are actually simple text files.

    In the user folder e.g.


    you will also find the user specific configuration stored in a file called: PMAIL.INI 

    So, all you have to do is save (backup) or transfer (to a new PC) that entire folder tree.


    Then just install PM fresh and let it know where its email folder is. 


    A last hint on backing up PM Emails / email folder. Make sure that you create an exact MIRROR of that main folder (D:\data\emails\) and sub-folder every time you do a backup otherwise you may end up with duplicated emails.



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