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HELP ugently needed by new Pegasus user

  •  05-16-2014, 18:51

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    HELP ugently needed by new Pegasus user

    Hello all you boys and girls in Pegasus Land!

    I am trying to set up Pegasus as my partner's email client. She uses Gmail and when she had a vista machine (which recently gave up the ghost) she used windows mail. Her new machine running windows 8.1 (which she hates) runs the new MS mail client.

    She does not want all of the bells and whistles -just a email client that she can send and receive emails from. A friend suggested Thunderbird -she tried it for a month and could not get on with it.

    I found Pegasus and it looks like it will do the job. HOWEVER....

    Can someone give me detailed instructions on how I can transfer her mail and folders (currently stored on a UBS hard drive) into Pegasus?

    There is a lot on the net about T/bird from Pegasus but not the other way around!

    Because my knowledge of computers is very basic, when I say detailed instructions, I do mean detailed!

    Thank you very much in advance

    Stewart Spinrad (UK) 

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