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SSL IMAP failure - create new certificate to fix.

  •  07-10-2014, 23:01

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    SSL IMAP failure - create new certificate to fix.

    This morning a friend who uses my server told me that the webmail I set up for her (roundcube in this case) was giving her errors when she logged in.  Specifically, "Connection to storage server failed."


    I received the same error in roundcube with my account, so I tried to connect with thunderbird (my current client) and it stops connecting with the error  "Checking mail server capabilities."  Both are connecting via IMAP.


    I quit and restarted Mercury to no avail. It seems to be running fine, no errors come up when it starts, all the windows move and menus function, so it's not like it's locked up.  There are no leftover Mercury processes in the task manager or anything.


    Can anyone suggest my next move?


    UPDATE: the problem seems related to the SSL configuration.  When I disabled this, it started working again.  Nothing else has changed and it's been stable for over a year.  

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