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Legacy versions of Pegasus

  •  10-06-2014, 15:05

    Legacy versions of Pegasus

    I have Windows Vista business with all the updates, and have not tried v4.7 because I found that the later versions of 4.6x English tend to crash now and then for no apparent reason.   However, 4.63 is very stable on all my computers and I have reverted to it.  It was fortunate that I had saved a copy of the installation program for 4.63 since only the 4.7 version is now available for download in 32bit and English.  My suggestion therefore is that legacy versions, at least the last 2 or 3 be made available for download in case the more recent versions present a problem for any reason.  There are still some members of my family using XP and W98 and if ever I should need to reinstall on those computers I would expect a problem with v4.7.  If I inherited an old computer and wanted to install Pmail on it, I might not be able to with only the most recent version.  Somewhat perversely, I see that I could download a version to run on DOS !

    This is not a reflection on Pmail or David's strenuous efforts to keep up to date - it may just be a quirk in my setup, but I don't suppose I am the only one who prefers to lag the curve for the sake of less hassle..

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