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4.2 to 4.7

  •  11-04-2014, 8:11

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    4.2 to 4.7



    I am setting up Pegasus 4.7 on a Win 7 Pro 64b machine. I was previously using 4.2. In the posts I have read here about moving emails from an old installation to a new one, the trope "then copy the files into the new installation" or words to that effect is common. What is not clear to me is whether one starts by making folders in the new 4.7 installation and then move the PMM and PMI files individually from the 4.2 folders to the folders you have made ready in 4.7 while Pegasus is closed? Or can you simply move a whole folder, say, "RISKS (FOL04679.PMM)" from 4.2 over to 4.7 and it will create it's own folder in the new installation?. I understand about making sure config files are not included in the folder. Currently my old 4.2 "MAIL" is copied onto several different drives (I'm paranoid about drive failure). So, after all that, do you copy emails from one directory into a new one, or copy a complete directory? Sorry that this is so long, but I love to watch myself type.Smile

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