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COURIER-TO-PEGASUS Migration: Courex, EML or other Pegasus Tools & Tutorials

  •  04-13-2015, 1:13

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    COURIER-TO-PEGASUS Migration: Courex, EML or other Pegasus Tools & Tutorials


    I have never used PEGASUS MAIL before, so I am a complete nôôb. I want to thank Xylvyr for her pmail thread from some years ago. I also need to migrate from the email client COURIER to PEGASUS MAIL, but my concerns are if/how to do so in such a manner that I preserve the formatting in HTML-emails, replicate the folder structure for my email categories, and safely carry over any Attachments.

    I exported my Courier emails to .EML files using the free COUREX utility, and then performed a recursive rename on the newly-generated file extensions EML to CNM. The folders & files generated by COUREX I dropped into a new Pegasus folder EMAIL\PEGASUS\MAIL\PINE, but I'm certain I haven't performed the conversion correctly because I can't see any of my folders, email accounts, or emails. Embarrassed Help?


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