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Re: An inquiry about changing the coding language

  •  06-24-2015, 22:31

    Re: An inquiry about changing the coding language

    Hi !

    Well, I am sorry but I did not suggest the code to be open source. I was just suggesting that being a huge program, should the idea of changing the coding language to make it available on other systems (which could significantly increase the user base, and thus by extension financial support) be given some thought, to help the translation, maybe some parts could be "open-sourced" for a given time period. Of course, those 15 years of coding and suffering are not to be thrown away, and that is not what I suggested. I apologize if my post was understood in this way.

    However, given your answer, it seems Pegasus mail is a complex program, not only by the number of lines, but also by "nature", so I guess my suggestion is not very doable. The folks coding Wine seems to be the way to go, at least for Linux systems.

    I am happy to hear that the add-on portion will be greatly improved in a direction where the community could contribute more easily. On that note, I really hope it will become fully skinable. But I guess, those features will be dealt with after the new and promising Mailstore and contact manager.

    Cheers !

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