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Pegasus mail crashes after being closed - version 4.41

  •  07-09-2015, 18:05

    Pegasus mail crashes after being closed - version 4.41

    Hi all !

    A few days ago and because of the high temperatures, my computer crashed so Pegasus was not closed properly. I rebooted the computer after it had cooled down and as usual I lauched Pegasus, but then it crashed with a "memory cannot be read" type of message. Because I used the Xclose extension, Pegasus was being minimized in the tray immediately after being started and then systematically crashed with the mentioned error message.

    I tried several "fixes" : (1) I removed all the *.CNM files, but it changed nothing ; (2) I used a backup copy of the HIERARCH file, but no change ; (3) I deleted the HIERARCH file so that Pegasus will build a new one, but no change.

    Then, I uninstalled the Xclose extension. Because of that, Pegasus did not minimized in the tray anymore, so I was being able to access it. I thought it was the end of it, but I was mistaken. Then the strangest thing happened. I could use Pegasus normally and do everything, but the second I clicked with the mouse "outside Pegasus" (for instance the windows startup button) or try to reduce it in the tray bar (near the clock), it simply crashed with the previously mentioned error message. What is even stranger is that if I do not click "outside" or do not tray to reduce its window, but simply close it with the X button or using the menu, then it closes without generating any errors (because there is no lock on the next launch) but still "crashes" because the previous error message appears. Apparently the problem is lying the winpm-32.exe according to the error message.

    I then installed the Minidump extension and when I click on "PMDebug.exe", Pegasus seems to freeze that is the launching procedure does not end, the CPU usage is at 100% and after a few minutes, the computer crashes. So it seems, I cannot even get a crash dump.

    Everything was working fine till then and I really do not understand what is causing this crashing behavior. I guess any help will be gladly welcomed.

    Cheers !

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